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Focus Areas

Influence and Information Capabilities

Develop, test, and deploy new tools, novel capabilities and concepts for understanding target motivation, morale, and behavioral effects in order to deliver precision influence to relevant populations in the informational and physical domains.

Partner, Indigenous and Resistance Network Development

Conduct research, analysis and development of new concepts and capabilities that integrate unique skill sets of combined U.S. military, Special Operations Forces, interagency and international partners to develop supported human networks' abilities to defeat adversaries' strategies, shape their perceptions, and deny their strategic objectives. Emphasis placed on maturing the capabilities and capacities of underground, auxiliary, and public components of resistance networks.

Operationalizing Irregular Warfare

Develop tools to assist in developing the Irregular Warfare (IW) operational mindset and ensuring mission success though unified Defense, Partner Nation, and Whole of Government actions against adversaries in the gray zone of IW.

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