Full Spectrum - Remote Advise and Assist - Virtual Accompany Kit
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Focus Area:

Partnership Capacity Development

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

30 months


WinTec Arrow Maker, Harris Radio


This project examines new capabilities that would lead to successful RAA operations in a full-spectrum environment. The project develops and fields advanced FS-RAA-VAK prototypes in order to see if the prototypes meaningfully improve the advisor's ability to mentor partners remotely. Observations will be used to advance virtual communications between advisors and partners during capacity building operations.

End User:

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Exploitation (SRSE), USSOCOM Special Operations Mission Planning Environment (SOMPE), US Army Special Operations Command, Theater Special Operations Commands.


In environments where advisors have limited contact with partner forces, the ability to quickly build capacity is severely restricted. After receiving formal training, without the advisors, students are often left on their own to maintain and improve their individual skillsets in a force that lacks institutional knowledge. Current experimental Virtual Accompany Kits (VAK) being tested in Iraq are limited in scope. Existing fielded VAKs are exclusively designed for SOF to virtually support partner nations that are kinetically engaged. The Full Spectrum - Remote Advise and Assist - Virtual Accompany Kit (FS-RAA-VAK) project improves upon current kinetic focused VAKs by building more robust hardware and more encompassing software to remotely support the combat enabler specialties.

Operational Impact:

By having a robust FS-RAA-VAK capability, advisors will be able to significantly enhance time with their partners when physical access is severely restricted. By advising partners in a real-time operational environment that includes combat enabler specialties, the time period needed to enhance more facets of partner capacity building can be significantly reduced.


FS-RAA-VAK will transition an ITARS compliant, lightweight, low bandwidth FS-RAA-VAK to the operating force tasked with advise and assist missions. Hardware schematics and lessons learned will be delivered to SRSE. Software will be delivered to SOMPE as a plug-in to the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) program.