Focus Area:

Operationalizing Irregular Warfare

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

12 months




The report and program proposal will support any follow-on appropriations requests and program amendments to operationalize the recommendations.

End User:

Department of Defense


This study is surveying the Operations, Activities, and Investments (OAIs) USSOF require to proactively and effectively compete against Great Power Competition (GPC) adversaries. It is evaluating what OAIs are currently permissible given existing operational and fiscal authorities, and if empowered with appropriate fiscal authorities should be permissible. The research team is using the recommendations and feedback of the USSOF community, and existing programs to provide a set of recommendations for a campaign-agnostic, broadly applicable fiscal authority and program structure for use by all Geographic Combatant Commands (GCCs) and below.

Operational Impact:

The report and the program proposal will help to operationalize IW by establishing a framework for USSOF to proactively compete against GPC competitors and non-state actors.


The report and program proposal will be made available for all GCCs, USSOF Commands and Staffs, and the ASD(SO/LIC) IW Policy Office for further action.