: Aerial Delivery Vehicles
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Focus Area:

Influence and Information Capabilities

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

16 months


AeroTargets International, LLC


100 Prototype ADVs

End User:

U.S. Army Special Operations Command


Air Delivery Vehicles (ADVs) are small containers that can be safely air dropped individually or in clusters from offset locations to deliver any electronic, medical, or other device that is able to fit within its payload parameters. The ADVs can deploy in large quantities carrying assorted devices that will land within a predesignated area safely. They will draw the attention of the local populace or friendly force in both the air and on the ground, float, and are watertight.

Operational Impact:

SOF operators will be able to aerially insert assorted items into hostile or denied areas from significant offset distances. Any items within the payload size and weight thresholds can be delivered by the ADVs such as digital media, cell phones, EW devices, signal boosters, mesh network devices, and medical supplies. The ADVs will enable small-scale resupply, or contemporary influence and information operations to targeted populations in a safe and controllable manner, advancing the current capability of aerial delivery operations into the 21st century.


The prototypes will be transferred to USASOC and is under evaluation for incorporation into an existing Program of Record.