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Capability Gap

About Capability Gaps

As a niche Research, Development (R&D), and rapid prototyping office under ASD SO/LIC focused on Irregular Warfare, we aim to deliver quick turn (6-24 months) and cost-effective solutions targeting tactical and operational problems with immediate needs for a solution. We call these needs Capability Gaps.

While our annual cycle officially begins in October, we accept capability gaps at any time of the year. Often concepts will need a few iterations of dialogue and refinement until they are finalized, so please don't wait until October to reach out. Use the forms below to submit your ideas or capability gaps, and we'll be in touch soon after.

Who can submit a capability gap?

ALL DoD, Interagency, and international partner personnel are welcome to submit capability gaps and ideas. Rank, grade, title, department, agency, and command level are immaterial. What matters most are your ideas.

Please fill out this form if you wish to submit a capability and are one of the following:

  • Have an idea but are not ready to submit a complete capability gap
  • Have a capability gap/idea with sensitive info that should be discussed over classified systems
  • Not sure which Subgroup to submit your capability gap to

Check out our Subgroups page to learn more about what each Subgroup specializes in