Expeditionary MISO Toolkit
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Focus Area:

Influence and Information Capabilities

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

24 months


Aeronix, Inc


The EMTK prototypes will be built in a plug-and-play manner using swappable Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology that will provide: payload enabled lift, overhead full motion video, digital content development, disposable media readers, recording, micro-print, content software packages enabling podcasts, meme generators, and deployable signaling devices.

End User:



Military Information Support Operations (MISO) require tool sets that can be used in all environments. Whether conducting information operations in austere or highly technical, contested or uncontested environments, MISO requires a standardized, interchangeable, influence-specific tool kit of advanced equipment that reflects the technology and communications infrastructure in which they will operate.

Operational Impact:

The EMTK will enable operators to adapt to different operating environments, develop compelling content, and reach audiences with cutting edge private sector technologies.


Provide MISO tool kits to USASOC and partner forces for Operational Testing and Evaluation to determine if the MISO tool kit can enhance MISO operators’ capability to locally collect, develop content and disseminate meaningful messages to local populations, thus affecting desired changes in attitude and support. USASOC will work with PEO C4 to transition the capability into a program of record if successful.