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Focus Areas

Tactical Team Offensive Systems

Develop advanced equipment, capabilities, methods and techniques that increase the lethality and kinetic effectiveness of small tactical units engaged in direct action operations. Provide specialized weapons, munitions, detonators, distraction/diversion devices and other unique tactical offensive equipment.

Tactical Team Communications

Develop advanced, flexible, full-spectrum communications capabilities specifically designed for tactical forces, with emphasis on reducing operational load while improving operator mobility and efficiency. Deliver assured low-visibility tactical communications connectivity in challenging geographic environments such as complex urban and maritime contested environments. Provide low probability of exploitation, cyber hardened encryption, compressed communications for command and control (C2) of small tactical team unmanned assets to defeat peer and near-peer emerging threats.

Tactical Team Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Systems

Develop next generation organic capabilities for small tactical team operators conducting dismounted and mounted reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition missions. Provide enhanced visual augmentation and imaging systems that improve tactical operator's perception and surgical strike targeting to minimize collateral damage in all conditions and environments.

Specialized Tactical Team Infiltration, Access, and Exfiltration Systems

Develop advanced technologies to enhance tactical assault forces rapid insertion, access, and egress to and from objectives. Improve organic target analysis and evaluation of tactical options that support efficiency and stealth, reducing time on target, including remote operations. Provide enhanced means for small tactical team distraction and deception, biometrics defeat, improved methods of entry, next generation manual and dynamic breaching, and sabotage capabilities for small tactical assault teams.

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