Cyber Operator Greyhat (COG)
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Focus Area:

Tactical Team Offensive Systems

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

24 months


Advanced Mission Systems, SensePost


180 tactical operators trained with operational kits

End User:

Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence Community


Develop and deliver an unclassified, open source digital operations course tailored to train tactical operators to understand the cyber domain and to identify and mitigate cyber threats. The five-week "digital dojo" technical course provides foundations in computer science, information security, social media, and advanced computer networking in an open source, unclassified confined space training environment. This classroom instruction is validated through practical field training exercises and a three-day CULEX, which all revolves around a protect, detect, and correct digital ops methodology. Tactical operators learn digital methods, techniques, and technologies for conducting operations in austere environments and over wired and wireless networks.

Operational Impact:

The training provides new, organic digital operations capabilities to tactical edge operators deployed forward. Trained operators will deploy back to their units and work within their current authorities, policies, and procedures to employ this capability globally for CT operations.


This capability has transitioned to a Department of Defense program of record.