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ASD SO/LIC IWTSD Counter-sUAS Mobile Defense In Depth Video

July 8, 2021

ASD SO/LIC IWTSD Counter-sUAS Mobile Defense In Depth Support to SOF and shared with DHS Accomplishments are Showcased in a new Unclassified YouTube video produced by Industry Partner ELTA-NA

The video showcases the culmination of 5 years of IWTSD TOS efforts to develop and field small, highly effective, integrated systems that together provide a layered defense for Tactical Units and locations against small Unmanned Aerial Systems sUAS).

ELTA NA's video, titled "On-The-Move(OTM) Counter-sUAS Solution" shows a swarm of explosive-laden drones flying towards a US Army HMMWV carrying the integrated (ELTA-NA) 'MADS-K' and (DFEND) 'Enforce Air' systems. Close-in views of various components and graphic descriptions of their purpose and capabilities are provided before the OTM V4 is shown detecting, tracking, identifying, disrupting and taking control of the drones, before finally relaying targeting information to a dismounted team, carrying rifles with SMASH Smart Shooter Optics, who engage and destroy a drone with "highly accurate, computer-aided small-arms fire."

Below the video is a content descriptor that states:

"The On-The-Move V4 (OTM V4) is a multi-sensor, multi-layered solution for early warning, detection, disruption and defeat of various types of rotary and fixed-wing small UAS and is designed to operate while the vehicle is in motion. It offers soft kill and hard kill mitigation options to deter threat drones with minimal to no collateral damage.

Developed under contract with IWTSD (formerly CTTSO), the OTM system integrates multiple capabilities to provide: detection & tracking, classification, identification, communication, and scalable effects mitigation."