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Focus Areas

Enterprise Analytics, Data Management, and Big Data Tools (BD)

Develop and integrate big data curation and management tools, and support data exploitation through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, large language models, and cloud-based architecture for enterprise software solutions in analytics, foresight, and intelligence fusion.

Battlefield Analytics at the Edge (BA)

Develop algorithms, software, and autonomous systems that enable informational advantage and enhanced situational awareness in support of tactical operations.

Counter-Artificial Intelligence (CA)

Develop software, tools, and enabling technologies that exploit deep neural networks (e.g., convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, long short term memory, etc.) by compromising their detection/analytical/prediction capacities or by extracting weighted probabilities to reconstruct datasets used for training the algorithm.

Quantum Computing (QC)

Develop hardware, software, and quantum algorithms to enable advanced-computational processes by leveraging particles in Quantum superposition (e.g., Qubit) in lieu of the traditional bit in order to solve problems that are otherwise infeasible for classical super-computers. .

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