Special Operations Requirement Tool - Operational Environment (SORT-OE)
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Advanced Analytics

Focus Area:

Big Data and Algorithm-Based Tools for Strategic and Operational Levels of Analysis

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

12 months


Systems of Systems Analytics, Inc.



End User:



Special Operations Requirements Tool - Operational Environment (SORT-OE) by System of Systems Analytics, Inc. (SoSACorp) is a prototype software tool within the Enhanced Model Enabled Analysis, Design, and Execution (eMEADE) tool suite and is being developed to support the visualization of multiple OEs from a return on investment (RoI) perspective.

Operational Impact:

Enables decision makers to quickly see investments from the performance, stability, and/or resource view. SORT-OE presents the tradeoff between portfolio risk (potential for success) and portfolio return. The more risk a Commander is willing to accept, the higher the expected RoI. Therefore, within a prescribed OE, for a given amount of risk, SORT-OE strives to present an optimal portfolio of actions that could produce the highest possible return, allowing decision makers and analysts to factor in and weigh the impacts of policies on investment decisions.


Successfully transitioned to USASOC. Currently under enhancement for financial analytics applications by USSOCOM