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Focus Areas

Improvised Device Defeat and EOD Response

Develop improvised device defeat (IDD) and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) tools and technologies to improve end user effectiveness in disarming improvised and conventional explosive and explosive devices; and unexploded ordnance and explosives clearance operations. Tools and technologies will address improvised device diagnostics, render safe and disablement procedures, and threat countermeasures (as applied to device defeat). Address the EOD operational needs in technical intelligence, transportation, and disposal operations.

Explosive Operations

Provide advanced technology solutions for explosive operations conducted across the full spectrum of irregular warfare activities. Tools and technologies will address explosive breaching capabilities; precision tunnel destruction; benefit capacity building for interagency and partner forces; and explosive operations in complex urban environments. Develop non-conventional tools and technologies for access, terrain, and resource denial operations for explosive operators.

Autonomous Solutions

Develop enduring autonomous robotic systems, platforms, tools, and software to enhance end-user effectiveness and safety in explosive operations. Develop robotic platforms, explosive device detection and threat identification using machine learning and other artificial intelligence strategies, and reconnaissance capabilities specifically designed for explosives operations and IED-defeat.

Decision Support and Tactical Information Assurance

Develop or enhance operational planning, information sharing, and exploitation technologies to increase the speed of the information gathering and response cycle for explosives and CIED operations. Tools and technologies will increase end user ability to synchronize activities with interagency, host nation, multinational, and nongovernmental partners.

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