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Focus Area:

Device Diagnostics and Threat Characterization

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

10 months


Battelle Memorial Institute and Buckler-Davies Consultancy Ltd.


Application for PDAs and Android smartphones

End User:

Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and civil bomb squads


The Bomb Tech Wikipedia (wiki) will provide the state and local bomb squads with a community-driven unclassified reference wiki. The wiki will service the community and provide an easily accessible repository of useful, nonclassified information in one place. The TSWG Bomb Squad Wikipedia project is a groundbreaking effort aimed at allowing the bomb squad profession to distill their collective knowledge base into a permanent, yet living and growing collection of articles in an encyclopedia format. This project comes at a critical time when the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board (NBSCAB) is moving forward with the development of training and training standards for special program areas beyond the basic skills taught in the Hazardous Devices School Basic and Recertification Courses. As bomb technicians take on committee assignments to research topics and develop these training standards, the new Bomb Squad Wikipedia will become a vital tool for them to share information in an organized way and ensure the accuracy of it. The Wikipedia model has the perfect grassroots structure needed by the bomb squad community for building a strong and lasting tool that will serve bomb squads in their effort to protect the public from terrorist and criminal use of explosive and other hazardous devices. There are more than 460 accredited bomb squads in the U.S., diverse in geography and experience. TSWG has funded the development of a wiki, which will be hosted on the Web site of the National Bomb Squad Commander's Advisory Board with appropriate security. The wiki uses industry standard software and was fully launched in the fall of 2012. The wiki is a repository for useful reference material for all accredited bomb technicians. Material on the wiki will be a useful mix of references, guides, definitions, etc, covering policy, operational, training, equipment, technical and historical matters. The wiki will be able to be accessed, and contributed to, by more than 3,000 personnel in the community.

Operational Impact:

The Bomb Tech Wiki is the only secure searchable database that is populated by bomb technicians to allow the exchange of information and problems/solutions encountered.


Battelle will host the server initially until a decision is made where to place it permanently