X-ray Tool Kit (XTK)
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Focus Area:

Device Diagnostics and Threat Characterization

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

60 months


Sandia National Laboratories


Eight systems and training

End User:

Civil bomb squads and military Explosive Ordnance Disposal


The X-ray Toolkit (XTK) is a software program developed by Sandia National Laboratories for the United States government under funding from the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Technical Support Working Group. XTK is a radiograph acquisition and processing program designed specifically for Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians. XTK supports image acquisition from a variety of commercial scanners and provides image enhancement, measurement, and markup tools through a modern and user-friendly interface. Other features include mosaic-stitching, dose prediction; file management, sharing tools, and the ability to create training scenarios and after-action reports. When used in conjunction with Sandia's targeting and aiming kits, XTK can also be used to perform precision disruptions.

Operational Impact:

This is a game-changing tool set that allows for visual and X-ray targeting of IED components by robotic means through a backwards compatible software that can be used as common software for multiple vendor brand X-ray systems. It is capable of taking multiple X-ray screen shots and stitches them together to provide a multiple dimension view.


XTK Software has been approved in the Department of Defense and Database Management System (DADMS). WMD Technologies and Operational Resources International provides hardware and software with training. Software is free to government and military and can be downloaded at www.XraytoolKit.com.