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Focus Areas

Blast Effects and Mitigation

Develop mitigation approaches to provide enhanced survivability and asset protection for groups of personnel, facilities, installations, and venues to include expeditionary environments. Develop technical solutions related to deterring, preventing, disrupting, and mitigating blast effects.

Screening, Observation, Detection, and Protection

Develop technologies and techniques to protect personnel and enhance survivability in facilities, infrastructure, and austere environments by improving situational awareness; detecting, locating, identifying, disrupting, anomalies and threats; and, controlling access to critical assets. Emphasize expeditionary autonomous threat detection / alerting.

Maritime Security

Develop surface and subsurface technologies to protect maritime assets in the littorals. Develop capabilities for detection, tracking, countering, deterring and disrupting emerging maritime threats; physical barriers and stopping devices; and scalable disruptive technologies. Emphasize layered and autonomous technologies in support of expeditionary base operations.

Subterranean Activities

Develop capabilities to detect, locate, map, monitor, survey, operate, disrupt, and neutralize subterranean infrastructure and activities.

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