Tactical Site Exploitation

Focus Area:Tactical Site Exploitation Innovative Training and Educational Concepts

Description: Design and develop an instructor-led training program for military personnel to include tactical site exploitation and accompanying resources. This effort is an update to a previously developed effort and makes it relevant to areas of responsibility beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.

Project Cost: $0.180M

Project Duration: 4 months

Operational Impact: The mission of the military has gone beyond traditional combat to an increased need for the use of law enforcement tactics and tactical site exploitation. In order to respond effectively, military personnel have an urgent need to be trained and equipped to establish a standardized knowledge base. This training is required to ensure maximization of the resources invested in support of our military personnel and their mission throughout the world.

Deliverable: 350 printed copies of the materials

Performer: Adayana Government Group and Studio14b

End Users: United States Marine Corps