M134 Minigun Simulator

Focus Area:M134 Minigun Simulator Immersive Learning Technology

Description: Develop and implement enhancements to the M134 Minigum simulator system in the areas of weapon functionality, software, and hardware. The end result will be an enhanced weapon simulator system that accurately mimics the form and functionality of the Minigun without requiring actual ammunition.

Project Cost: $0.998K

Project Duration: 45 months

Operational Impact: Increases trainee throughput while reducing the costs associated with live-fire training. Conservative cost saving estimates around $1.8M per year in ammunition. Allows trainees to practice maintaining and servicing a weapon system not designated for operational use.

Deliverable: One system with custom scenarios; driver pursuit station; and training support documentation.

Performer: CUBIC Defense Applications

End Users: 5th SFG, Department of Energy