Gunfighters Gym

Focus Area:Gunfighters Gym Immersive Learning Technology

Description: Laser-based performance solution; 220-degree visual that allows users to visually acquire and engage numerous targets. The system includes five-screen, laser-based system (TORA); movement drills (Flatwall); conditioning course; and ocular eye tracking/target recognition (K-SET).

Project Cost: $1.056M

Project Duration: 60 months

Operational Impact: Increase soldiers’ visual and situational awareness and improve decision making and reaction speeds when engaging threats. Enables soldiers to process more information at a faster pace in order to keep forward momentum in assault-type missions.

Deliverable: Base system; pilot evaluations.

Performer: Conflict Kinetics LLC

End Users: SWTG(A), 75th Ranger Regiment, NSWG2, NSWG1, NSWCEN, 3rd SFG, NECC, AWG, NSW Warfighter Performance