Embassy Security Simulation

Focus Area:Embassy Security Simulation Immersive Learning Technology

Description: Research, design, and develop a multi-player, PC-based, simulated environment for security-related roles in an embassy. The simulated embassy environment will integrate modules representing the tactical and technical actions of security personnel within their various security roles in the context of scenario driven events. The system will help prepare personnel to proactively address and respond to security threats.

Project Cost: $0.795M

Project Duration: 30 months

Operational Impact: Embassy Security Simulation will allow for mission rehearsal, joint exercises, and operational planning for the full range of embassy security personnel related tasks at the technical and tactical level. The goal is to better prepare security personnel to appropriately respond to threats.

Deliverable: Embassy Security Simulation software and supporting documentation.

Performer: Quantum Signal, LLC

End Users: Department of State Diplomatic Security and United States Marine Corps