.338 Norma Magnum Lightweight Medium Machine Gun Brass Ammunition

Description:Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) AssessmentDevelop and deliver the .338 Norma Magnum (NM) brass-cased ammunition for the testing of the next generation Lightweight Medium Machine Gun (LWMMG). The LWMMG will utilize the efficient .338 NM cartridge to eliminate the capability gap that exists between 7.62mm NATO and .50-caliber weapons. The superior ballistics of the .338 NM offers unmatched accuracy and lethality while substantially extending the maximum effective range beyond current 7.6mm machine guns.

Project Cost: $402,000

Project Duration: 12 months

Operational Impact: The 23-pound .338 NM LWMMG fills the gap between the ballistic capabilities of the M240 L 7.62mm machine gun and the .50 caliber M2A1 machine gun. The .50 caliber M2A1 has the range required, but due to size, weight, and volume of both the weapon and ammunition it is not practical to mount this system on the lighter vehicles employed by tactical operators nor can it be used in a dismounted assault role. By designing and developing the .338 NM brass-cased round, the warfighter will have the most versatile and lightweight medium machine gun capability for dismounted and mounted operations on the battlefield.

Deliverable: 41,000 rounds of .338 NM brass-cased ammunition for operational evaluation

Performer: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Black Hills Ammunition

End Users: Department of Defense

Transition: Commercialized and available for unit purchase.