Enhanced Military Free Fall Navigation Board (MFF-T2)

Focus Area:MFF-T2 Specialized Infiltration, Access, and Exfiltration Systems

Description: Operations which require Military Free Fall Advanced Tactical Infiltration are heavily dependent upon tool systems and equipment to ensure the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the mission. Tactical operators seek development of a compact, Enhanced Military Free Fall Tactical Tool (MFF-T2) using digital and modular analog technology for optimal and efficient awareness, navigation, communication, and adaptability to standardize MFF training and operations. The MFF-T2 provides for the addition of attachable technological components at the discretion of the operator to include GPS, altimeter and other navigational instruments as a part of a dynamic, comprehensive tactical tool system. The MFF-T2 is anti-shock and non-flammable as well as resistant to warping, corrosion, UV light and general defects resulting from common contaminants and corrosives. The MFF-T2 consists of an Android-based situational awareness tool capable of FMV viewing, blue force tracking, telestration, and person-to-person chat enhancing monitoring and communication capabilities.

Project Cost: $150,000

Project Duration: 12 months

Operational Impact: The MFF-T2 provides the ability to combine all of the necessary navigation tools needed to safely conduct HAHO/HALO tactical infiltration in one easy to mount platform that can be easily viewed by the jumper even while wearing combat equipment, supplemental oxygen, and night vision devices.

Deliverable: 60 kits

Performer: ADI Technologies, Inc.

End Users: Department of Defense, Department of Justice

Transition: Commercialized and available for unit purchase.