Augmented Reality System – Navigation (ARES-N)

Description: (ARES-N)Leverage the existing Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) plugin architecture to design and develop a new vehicle navigation capability that translates route directions and situational awareness information into an augmented reality display on a commercial-off-the-shelf tablet. The capability works by mounting a tablet onto the windshield of a vehicle, utilizing the tablet’s camera, and fusing and overlaying route and ATAK data onto the tablet’s live footage to create an augmented reality system. The ARES-N uses open source augmented reality technology to relieve tactical operators from looking down at a mobile device and get their “heads-up” for force protection.

Project Cost: $544,000

Project Duration: 18 months

Operational Impact:(ARES-N) This solution significantly improves the situational awareness and efficiency of a mobile vehicle tactical operator team, providing relief from team members looking down at a mobile device. The team can focus more energy on mission-critical tasks.

Deliverable: 25 kits for CONUS and OCONUS deployment

Performer: PAR Government

End Users: Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security

Transition: Based on results of RDT&E user operational evaluation performance, commercialized system to be placed on GSA Schedule to be purchased by units in quantities as needed.