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Tactical Operations Support

Focus Areas

Offensive Systems

Develop advanced equipment and capabilities that enhance the effectiveness of small tactical units engaged in direct action operations. Develop specialized weapons, munitions, detonators, distraction/diversion devices, and other unique tactical equipment.

Unconventional Warfare and Counter-Insurgency Support

Develop advanced tools and equipment specifically for small tactical units conducting a broad spectrum of military, paramilitary, special warfare, and digital operations focused on force protection, assisted and unassisted recovery, and operational preparation of the environment.

Tactical Communications

Develop flexible, enhanced, full spectrum communications capabilities specifically designed for tactical forces, with emphasis on reducing operational load while improving operator mobility and efficiency. Develop assured tactical communications connectivity in challenging environments such as complex urban, subterranean, and maritime.

Tactical Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Systems

Develop technologies to assist small tactical teams in conducting organic reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition missions. Develop systems that enhance the visual perception or other imaging capabilities of tactical operators in all conditions and environments.

Specialized Infiltration, Access, and Exfiltration Systems

Develop technologies that assist tactical assault forces in gaining rapid insertion, access and egress to and from objectives. Improve evaluation of tactical options, and support efficiency and stealth, including remote operations. Develop enhanced target analysis, manual and dynamic breaching technologies for small tactical assault teams.

Survivability Systems

Develop man portable tools and equipment to enhance operator survivability during the conduct of tactical missions.


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