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Surveillance, Collection, and Operations Support

Focus Areas

Biometrics, Recognition, Identity Intelligence, Tracking, and Exploitation (BRITE)

Improve technologies to identify and/or mask entities of interest using or countering biometrics, pattern recognition, database technologies, and exploitation methodologies.

Cyber and Convergence Technologies

Support or improve technologies for cyber and signals collection as these technologies increasingly converge with other systems and technologies to include, but not limited to the ”“Internet of Things.”

Human Language Technology (HLT) and Media Exploitation

Develop and employ HLT where these technologies can best assist humans – operators and analysts – to make sense of volume and the variety of media sources; apply timely and actionable information in theater; and enhance communication skills and cultural understanding.


Develop audio, video, and advanced surveillance technologies, as well as automated tools and techniques to defeat adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures, and methodologies.

Technical Collection/Special Communications

Improve ISR by developing and enhancing multi-INT sensors, SIGINT collection, and tagging tracking, locating technologies for intelligence operations. Develop and enhance special communications and canine advanced technologies in support of Special Operations and intelligence collection activities.


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