Counter UAS On the Move (AWAIR)
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Focus Area:

Individual Protection and Survivability

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

20 months


BIT Systems


15 Systems

End User:

U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Department of State, U.S. Special Forces


Develop an operational system capable of radio controlled model aircraft (RCMA) detection, geolocation, tracking, and disruption for the protection of government assets on the move CONUS and OCONUS. The system will detect specified, low altitude RCMA-associated signals within a 360-degree field of view to an objective range of 5 km, will be capable of simultaneously detecting at least two RCMA signals.

Operational Impact:

Provide situational awareness to end users in transit where UAS threats are present and provide those users the ability to counter the threat while in transit.


Systems will transition to end users for operational evaluation and will be available for procurement by federal agencies.