Realistic Adaptive Interactive Learning System - Chemical Agent Response (RAILS-CHEM)
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Focus Area:

Consequence Management

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

20 months


Spectral Labs Inc, Kalloc Studios, SAIC


One "free-ware" RAILS-CHEM software package.

End User:

CBIRF, International Association of Fire Chiefs, San Diego HAZMAT/Bomb squad, First Responders


Design and develop a browser-based simulation for military and emergency response personnel on the topic of chemical agent response. The simulation will integrate algorithms to depict chemical agent behaviors and handheld detection systems' responses.

Operational Impact:

Enables first responders to make proper decisions on a range of activities from when to don personal protective equipment (PPE) to taking the correct actions based on instrument readings and observed exposure symptoms.


RAILS-CHEM can be distributed directly to users or it can be integrated into an existing software support package being used by the community.