Power Assisted Vehicle Barrier Specification and Selection Guidance Tool

Focus Area:Power Assisted Vehicle Barrier Specification and Selection Guidance Tool Screening, Observation, Detection, and Protection

Description: As part of its commitment to protecting government facilities domestically and abroad the Department of States and Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office conducted a comprehensive study to determine the best practices and procedures for determining the appropriate Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) specifications and then select appropriate AVB models for a particular site requiring restricted access. The deliverables of this project were three recourse guides that have been made available to all federal, state, and local agencies as well as to industry and International governments for their use.

PAVB Specification and Selection User Guide: This document presents an overview of AVB specification- and selection-related processes. It also provides an accompanying set of helpful resources, tools, and recommended practices gathered from the field to help professional’s select AVB models that meet the desired specifications

Specification Template Compilation: This example specification template is intended to aid the purchaser of a AVB in communicating requirements to contractors in support of potential acquisition decisions. The specification applies to active roadway vehicle barriers, which includes power-assisted or manual operated active vehicle barriers.

Active Vehicle Barrier Selection Tool: This spreadsheet allows users to search for AVB’s that meet their sites requirements that were defined earlier by utilizing the PAVB Specification and Selection User Guide and Specification Template Compilation documents. Please note that although the Active Vehicle Barrier Selection Tool contains many AVB’s it is not a comprehensive list of all AVB’s available. Please contact the AVB vendors listed to learn about all their products and services.

Project Cost: $150K

Project Duration: 10 months

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