Portable and Persistent Video Surveillance System

Focus Area:Portable and Persistent Video Surveillance System Screening, Observation, Detection, and Protection

Description: Current remote video surveillance systems (e.g., “pole cameras”) used by field personnel require electrical and communications infrastructure support in the immediate vicinity. Other existing stand-alone systems (i.e., not connected to electrical and communications infrastructure) operate for only a limited period of time, do not provide real-time information, and require recovery of the system to play back video recordings. Additionally, existing systems frequently preclude the ability to record and archive critical information in an easily searchable manner, such as searching for specific license plate numbers on vehicles captured in the images. Mobile “plate readers” are currently utilized by police departments in vehicle mounted applications to locate stolen vehicles but are not being utilized in fixed and clandestine surveillance applications. The Portable and Persistent Video Surveillance System is being developed to meet these needs in a single, stand-alone, small (less than 10 pounds) camouflage-able system that will integrate commercial-off-the shelf components such as long-range vehicle sensing (pyroelectric) and lowlight imaging optics, wireless communication hardware, and solar-energy-harvesting capabilities. Based on optimal integration of these components, the system offers covert all-weather persistent day/night surveillance with an off-angle long range license plate reading capability with remote control operator control user interface.

Project Cost: $1.106M

Project Duration: 24 months

Operational Impact: Provides a covert day/night stand-alone portable surveillance capability with a long range license plate reader for law enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and military elements in areas with no infrastructure.

Deliverable: Three prototypes; awarded option for five more systems.

Performer: Physical Optics Corporation

End Users: Drug Enforcement Administration, Border Patrol Tactical Unit, 1st Special Forces Group, 7th Special Forces Group, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Customs and Border Patrol

Transition: Commercialization