Field Installable Inconspicuous Vehicle Armor Kit (FIVAK)

Focus Area:Field Installable Inconspicuous Vehicle Armor Kit (FIVAK) Individual Protection and Survivability

Description: The system provides 7.62 x 54mm multi-hit ballistic protection for commercial sedans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Modular kit components can be installed by three field personnel in approximately 3-4 hours.

Project Cost: $2.711M

Project Duration: 24 months

Operational Impact: Enables end users to complete low visibility missions in areas with small arms threats. Rental vehicles are often used and must be swapped out for operational security purposes. FIVAK can be rapidly installed by field personnel with no special tools and leaves no footprint on the vehicle.

Deliverable: 53 FIVAK kits delivered to end users for operational evaluation

Performer: HazTrain, Inc.

End Users: Special Forces, Department of Homeland Security, and Intelligence Community

Transition: Systems are available for procurement