Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Assessment

Focus Area:Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Assessment Individual Protection and Survivability

Description: Extensive drive testing and modeling of domestic AFVs to identify the capabilities and limitations related to performance and safety during law enforcement emergency maneuvers.

Project Cost: $1.033M

Project Duration: 20 months

Operational Impact: Determine the effectiveness of alternative fuel vehicles for use in emergency operations. Test results and analysis will aid federal law enforcement in determining the performance reliability and whether to include alternative fuel vehicles in their motor pools.

Deliverable: Technical reports

Performer: The National Crash Analysis Center

End Users: Department of Energy, Department of State, United States Secret Service, and the protective services community

Transition: A comprehensive assessment report will be delivered to the Department of Energy, the Department of State, and the United States Secret Service and will be available to the protective services community at large