Three Dimensional Measurement for Backface Deformation

Focus Area:Three Dimensional Measurement for Backface Deformation Ballistic and Blast Threat Assessment

Description: Develop a new clay box backing system integrated with sensors/devices within and behind ballistic clay buildup representative of the female torso. The system will capture, in addition to the static data, the dynamic data related to ballistic impacts to include clay deformation, pressure, and acceleration.

Project Cost: $798,890

Project Duration: 20 months

Operational Impact: The new prototypes will provide ballistic test results with new and more accurate static and dynamic measurements. It has potential to lead to a better understanding of the injury mechanism for ballistic impact behind armor blunt force trauma when compared to simply measuring the backface deformation.

Deliverable: 120 prototype systems

Performer: Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

End Users: National Institute of Justice

Transition: Systems will transition to end users for operational evaluation and will be available for procurement by federal agencies.