Remote Viewer for Bullet Comparison

Focus Area:Remote Viewer for Bullet Comparison Criminalistics

Description: Analysis by forensic firearms examiners may critically affect criminal and terrorist cases domestically and on the battlefield. The need for firearms examinations is increasing. Yet, the number of firearms examiners remains limited, and they are located at forensic laboratories located far from the crime scene or combat zone. Quantum Signal, LLC has developed a solution that remotely extends the range of the forensic firearms examiners. A motorized platform containing high quality optics and a comparison microscope allows an on-site person to mount bullets, shell cases, and other evidence. The device contains a communications system that permits a remotely located examiner to adjust and manipulate the evidence. All of the typically adjustable features of the microscope, such as zoom, focus, and lighting, are controlled through this interface. The examiner can completely analyze the markings and striations and perform a full examination. The persons at the remote site can rapidly receive the results of the examination. The new equipment enables a single firearms examiner to analyze evidence efficiently at a host of distant different locations saving critical time and resources.

Project Cost: $627,000

Project Duration: 27 months

Operational Impact: This system allows bullet and shell casing exams to be conducted by forensic examiners without ever leaving the crime lab, making the analysis much faster and extending the range of the examiners by thousands of miles.

Deliverable: Two fully functional remote viewer bullet comparison systems with mobile platforms

Performer: Quantum Signal

End Users: U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command and Michigan State Police

Transition: One unit was delivered to U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command; the other was delivered to the Michigan State Police