Digital Video Player Library Link

Focus Area:Digital Video Player Library Link Digital and Multimedia Forensics

Description: With digital video cameras being frequently used for surveillance and security purposes, recordings related to terrorist and criminal activities are frequently collected as evidence. The lack of standardization and numerous proprietary formats creates a severe challenge when the recordings are enhanced or forensically examined. The examiner may spend much time and effort to gather technical data about the specific equipment that was used. Signalscape, Inc. has set up a video library link on an FBI Web site to overcome these difficulties. The Web site is available to law enforcement and combating terrorism agencies. The site includes information about the software required to play back the recorded evidence along with technical data about the equipment. Images of players and their components are also available. The databases are easily searchable, include links to the manufacturers, and list the video file extensions to their specific players. The library link will direct investigators to a manufacturer Web site in some cases to download the appropriate software or will link them to other archives. The library also has manufacturer points of contact making it possible for investigators to connect directly with the manufacturers when necessary.

Project Cost: $339,000

Project Duration: 15 months

Operational Impact: All forensic agencies will have the latest and most advanced techniques and data for their video analysis.

Deliverable: A fully functional Web site accessible to law enforcement agencies that provides data, images, and downloadable executables for forensic video analysis

Sponsor: CTTSO and Federal Bureau of Investigation

Performer: Signalscape, Inc.

End Users: Department of Defense and other federal law enforcement agencies

Transition: Distributed to various federal agencies

Collaboration: CTTSO and Federal Bureau of Investigation