iLIVE Video Enhancement System

Focus Area:
iLIVE Video Enhancement System

Improvised Device Defeat


The inLine Instant Video Enhancement System, or iLIVE, gives camera operators the ability to see in low light conditions. Using the Lightweight Enhanced Night/Day Vision System (LENS) software library, the iLIVE system can turn night into day and offer enhanced viewing and targeting for EOD robotics and remote cameras. The iLIVE is compatible with analog or digital video inputs and can deliver the enhanced images to any video display system the user chooses. The iLIVE’s small footprint and power requirements enable mounting to many remotely operated vehicles on sea, land or air, as well as to fixed camera assets with little to no impact on the performance of the chosen vehicle or system. The iLIVE system leverages existing camera systems using a highly innovative software library implemented on a multimedia digital signal processing chip (DSP) giving the user unprecedented viewing and usability and targeting functions.

Project Cost: $513,061

Project Duration: 12 months

Operational Impact:

Enables any video camera to see in the lowest light levels. It captures real-time video as well as past video information for analysis. It is capable of non-contact fingerprint gathering through edge detection.


Five prototype systems to be field evaluated and tested.


AMP Research, Inc.

End Users:

Federal, state, and local bomb squads


Commercially available