Personal Hydration System Water Filter

Focus Area:
Personal HydrationSystem Water Filter



The NexGen filter will produce microbiologically safe drinking water irrespective of the natural organic matter (NOM) concentration in the surface water being treated. There will be no required “wait time” for the disinfection reaction to reach completion, the filtered water will be available for consumption immediately. There will be no taste or odor from disinfectant chemicals making the filtered water more palatable which will encourage greater hydration under all conditions.

Project Cost: $629K

Project Duration: 21 months

Operational Impact:

Providing soldiers and other military personnel with potable water is an ongoing challenge and a high priority. Depending on climate and mission requirements, a soldier in the field needs to drink between 1 - 3.5 gallons per day to avoid dehydration and remain in peak condition. Prior efforts focused on uncontrolled water supplies potentially contaminated with chemical, biological, radiological materials, or toxic industrial materials in addition to bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.


Personal water filter.


Cascade Designs

End Users:

Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security.