Custom Analytics Tools for Law Enforcement Organizations (LEOs)

Focus Area:

Decisions, Planning, and Analytics Tools


Custom Analytics Tools for Law Enforcement Organizations (LEOs) by the Common Operational Research Environment (CORE) Lab allows LEOs to understand the dynamic nature of social networks relationally, spatially, and temporally. All too often, practitioners have to rely on analytic software that was not designed with them in mind. Though useful in some cases, existing analytic software does not account for practitioner workflows, their time constraints, and their need to remain analytically flexible as new network-related challenges arise. This project addresses these analytic challenges.

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

13 months

Operational Impact:

Provides analysts with the ability to investigate social structures through the use of networks and graph theory. This project harnesses the power and flexibility of R and R packages ( such as R Shiny (, to develop custom analytic tools with user-friendly interfaces on top of back end code that automates key steps in processing, exploitation, and dissemination of network analysis-based products. This ongoing project is engaging with local, federal, and DoD organizations to continue to design and iteratively develop tools that address the needs of counter-network professionals by giving the analyst the power to customize work themselves.




Naval Post-Graduate School

End Users:

Sacramento Sheriff’s Department


This is an ongoing effort.