Argument Mapper (Critical Thinking Tool)

Focus Area:
Argument Mapping

Decisions, Planning, and Analytics Tools


Argument Mapper is designed to enhance critical thinking in intelligence analysis. It is an easy-to-use, web-based interactive software tool that supports the application of evidence-based reasoning to analytic questions. Designed in collaboration with analysts and analytic methodologists, this tool applies structured argument mapping methodology and visualization techniques to help analysts make sense of complex problems and overcome cognitive biases. Argument Mapper is accredited on the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System and has a training course available from the vendor.

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

5 years

Operational Impact:

Argument Mapper allows analysts to work both top down from hypotheses to evidence (i.e., deductive reasoning), and bottom up from evidence to hypotheses (i.e., inductive reasoning), and a mixture of both at the same time. Analysts can share and collaborate on reasoning by allowing colleagues, managers, and reviewers to place comments directly on the subject in the argument map through the web-based application.




Uncharted Corp, Canadian Commercial Corp

End Users:



Successfully transitioned to IC.
In the process of transitioning an unclassified demo version onto SOFWERX Advanced Analytics Demonstrator.