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Advanced Analytic Capabilities

Focus Areas

Anticipatory Analytics and Foresight

Apply, develop, and integrate new anticipatory analytic tools to the full spectrum of the operational environment. Apply, develop, and integrate strategic foresight analytical methods, systems, capabilities, and tools to strategic planning.

Big Data, Algorithms, and Decisions

Integrate big data, algorithms, and decision making tools to enhance tactical-to-strategic decision making.

Decision, Planning, and Analytical Tools

Develop stand-alone tools, models, and enabling technologies that provide new capabilities for improved military and interagency sense making. Successful technologies may be transitioned as an independent capability and/or integrated into larger systems.

Battlefield Analytics at the Edge

Develop and integrate means for distilling tactically or operationally useful metrics and analysis from information gathered on the battlefield, giving a warfighter informational advantages with real-time or near real-time updates that do not necessarily require connectivity to the cloud.


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