How We Work


The CTTSO business model involves: 1) engaging users through participatory methods; 2) vast interagency participation; 3) internal, efficient execution mechanisms; and 4) a proven past of rapid delivering.

The CTTSO Interagency Combating Terrorism Research and Development Program (CbT R&D) is driven by user-based requirements from the broad community of federal, state, and local response agencies. Projects and programs are developed to address evolving capability and equipment needs for military personnel, civilian first responders and medical personnel, intelligence and security personnel, law enforcement agencies, and federal departments and agencies.

By bringing the CbT community as well as national technical experts together and effectively leveraging funds from other agencies, we ensure that we address the needs of our community in the most efficient and integrated way possible. The process also leverages the knowledge and technical expertise of the CTTSO’s international partners, which include Australia, Canada, Israel, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. 

Technology solutions are selected competitively, resulting from a bidding process involving industry, academia, government, and private laboratories. 

By focusing on these elements overall, this means rapid delivery of technologies that are wide reaching; maximized impact to the CbT community writ large; and the most value is received for our development dollars.