Training Technology Development

Training Technology Development (TTD) Subgroup


Identify, prioritize, and execute projects that satisfy interagency requirements for the development and delivery of combating terrorism related education, training, and mission performance support products and technologies. The Training Technology Development (TTD) Subgroup develops training and training technologies to optimize human performance, increase mission readiness, and enhance operational capabilities in the combating terrorism community. The strategy behind the mission is to analyze, design, develop, integrate, evaluate, and leverage distributed learning technologies to deliver high quality training and education in the medium best suited to the users’ needs and requirements. A representative from the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) chairs the TTD Subgroup

Focus Areas

Advanced Training and Education

Advanced Training and EducationDevelop programs of instruction, training packages, and computer- and classroom-based terrorism training courses. Develop the advanced tools, techniques, and guidelines required to analyze needs, develop solutions, and evaluate results. Analyze performance needs to identify applicable solutions. Integrate delivery technologies with combating terrorism training materials to increase the quality, effectiveness, and accessibility of training.


Models, Simulations, and Games

Models, Simulations and GamesDevelop interactive, models, simulations, and games (MS&G), including, but not limited to: tabletop simulations, field exercise simulations, immersive virtual learning environments, hands-on virtual reality, simulation models, and PC-based three-dimensional and isometric simulations and games. Develop crowd models, adversarial behavior models, network-based simulations, and mini-simulations on specific combating terrorism related tasks. Incorporate beneficial game characteristics through the full range of game genres (i.e., strategy, first person tactical, massive multiplayer online game, role-playing, etc.). Develop tools, technologies, and techniques for improving MS&G design, development, and validation.

Mobile Learning 

Training/Information Aids and DevicesUtilize mobile technology to deliver interactive learning solutions and applications for end users that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Develop mobile capabilities that support learning through ubiquitous access to performance support, educational resources, collaboration, user-generated content, and learning solutions for use in the classroom or in support of distance education.


Human Performance Technology 

Training/Information Aids and DevicesAnalyze the full range of human performance gaps and select interventions to improve and sustain human performance. Develop enabling performance improvement technologies and devices to optimize the performance of operators during training missions. Develop job aids, best practices, human factors interactions, selection and motivation interventions, and performance support systems.




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