Surveillance, Collection, and Operations Support

Surveillance, Collection, and Operations Support (SCOS) Subgroup


Identify, prioritize, and execute research and development projects that satisfy interagency requirements supporting intelligence collection and special operations directed against terrorist activities.

The Surveillance, Collection, and Operations Support (SCOS) Subgroup identifies high-priority requirements and special technology initiatives focused primarily on countering terrorism through offensive operations. SCOS research and development projects enhance U.S. capabilities to conduct retaliatory or preemptive operations and to reduce the capabilities and support available to terrorists.

Focus Areas

Canine Advance Technologies

Develop methodologies that enable working canine teams to operate more effectively and efficiently by enhancing canines’ abilities for explosives detection, tracking, and patrolling in an operational environment.

Human Language Technology

​Develop and insert human language technologies where these technologies can best assist humans – operators and analysts – to make sense of volumes and varieties of data sources; apply timely and actionable intelligence; enhance communication skills and cultural understanding; and improve language learning.

Biometrics, Recognition, Identity Management, Tracking, and Exploitation

Counter-Surveillance Support

Technical Surveillance


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