SOF EOD-2 Course


SOF EOD-2 CourseFocus Area: Sustainability and Operations Maintenance

Description: The CTTSO funded the development and validation of a training course that instructs EOD technicians in critical skills required to target an improvised explosive device network. The course includes classroom and practical instruction on enhanced command and control, close target reconnaissance, and technical support capabilities.

Project Cost: $5.091M

Project Duration: 42 months

Operational Impact: Develops MARSOC advanced IED exploitation capabilities. Shapes MARSOC training programs to integrate EOD in MARSOC missions.

Deliverable: Pilot course, four independent validation and verification courses, two advanced technical training packages (WiFi exploitation focused), and a Program of Instruction

Performer: Hazard Management Solutions, Inc.

End User: MARSOC

Transition: MARSOC has inserted a two-week EOD-specific training package based on this course into their standard twelve-week MARSOF Technical Support Course