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Defense to Response Technology Program (D2R)

The Defense to Response Technology Program (D2R) is searching for Department of Defense (DoD) funded technologies to enhance public safety and homeland security. D2R is the Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative's (DPSI) Technology Transition Program that will identify three technologies, annually, and provide the full services of Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service's Product Development Center (TEEX PDC) to provide technologies: - Market validation and competitive insight for responder adoption - Business mentors and guidance to structure a business plan for technology - Responder mentors and guidance to integrate the technology with the responder industry - Testing protocols, execution and validation with a TEEX TESTED® report - Strategic manufacturing plan - Marketing mix and strategy development - Cost proposal and use of funds - Access to investors.

D2R currently has a call for solutions open and applications are due August 31, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST. Visit to apply. D2R Information (pdf).

FY17 Broad Agency Announcement

February 1, 2016 - The FY17 Broad Agency Announcement is available on BIDS.

Threat Day 2016

Registration is now open for Threat Day, being held in Washington, DC on January 13, 2016.  The event’s objective is to provide participants an opportunity to better understand the common global threat picture including the rise of violent extremism, the enemies’ use of information technology and cyberspace, and the challenges we face from terrorism here in our homeland.

This event is UNCLASSIFIED and participation is open to U.S. Government employees and their SETA support contractors as well as representatives from the Governments of Australia, Canada, Israel, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Register here.

2016 Advance Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI)

CTTSO is pleased to announce its Advance Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI) to be held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center on January 20, 2016.  This event attracts over 500 participants; will provide a forecast of FY 2017 requirements; and affords Government, Industry, and Academia an opportunity to exchange information and form collaborations to address current and future combating terrorism challenges.   

 APBI 2016 will feature several changes resulting from prior attendee feedback. These changes include:

  • Release of draft requirements about 30 days prior the event to allow bidders to view requirements.
  • Full day of extensive face-to-face discussions with CTTSO Program Managers and staff.
  • BAA process and technology transition briefings available via multiple sessions throughout the day.

Register here

The CTTSO has posted a Challenge

The title is "An Algorithm to Identify Material Mixtures from Raman Spectra" on From this Challenge we ideally seek to receive an algorithm that can be translated into a software update for any commercial Raman system in the field. This solution will allow the system to better identify mixtures and preferably be able to calculate the ratio of the components in a 2 component mixture. The prize amount for this Challenge is $25,000 and submission are due by November 13, 2015. Challenge details and submission instructions can be found here:

The CTTSO presents Laboratory Innovation Crowdsourcing (LINC)

LINC is a portal that allows operational combating terrorism challenges to be submitted to the entire body of USG and military individuals to crowdsource solutions.

Click here to register!

Rapid Innovation Fund Broad Agency Announcement

The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office is participating in the FY15 Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) program. The RIF program was established to facilitate the rapid insertion of innovative small business technologies into military systems or programs that meet critical national security needs. RIF also intends to facilitate innovative technologies that show a clear transition path to fielding the technology into existing defense acquisition programs. CTTSO has three requirements included in the FY15 Broad Agency Announcement.  Link to FBO announcement.  

Threat Day 2015

The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office’s Threat Day will take place on January 8, 2015 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C. Threat Day is a unique opportunity for our operational stakeholders to take a step back from the highly technical aspect of various requirements and projects to gain a broader understanding of the current and future threat environment and to become engaged on a different level. Threat Day 2015 will include topic areas such as "Game Changers"-New ways to defeat violent extremists, Assessing Global Threats via Media Monitoring Technologies, and Emerging Biological Threats.

Threat Day is open to U.S. Government employees and their SETA support contractors and representatives from the Governments of the United Kingdom, Singapore, Israel, Australia, and Canada. Threat Day is not open to Industry and Academia. Register here for Threat Day.

APBI 2015 registration is now open.

Click here to register.

CTTSO Challenge Pavilion - IW/ET

As violent events initiated by a "trusted insider" continue to take center stage in the media, at-risk organizations in local communities and worldwide are spending more and more capital for better ways to identify and address pre-event indicators. CTTSO's Irregular Warfare and Evolving Threats program desires a non-invasive approach that will accurately predict when an individual is primed to commit a hostile act. Additional details on the challenge and prize can be found in the CTTSO Challenge Pavilion.

CTTSO Challenge Pavilion - TTD

The Training Technology Development subgroup is seeking a mobile app that facilitates the collection and creation of content that can be easily organized, accessed, and shared in innovative ways on a smartphone and/or tablet to improve mission critical performance.  Additional details on the challenge and prize can be found in the CTTSO Challenge Pavilion.

CTTSO in the News

The Military Thinks Bitcoin Could Pose a Threat to National Security

Announcing the IEEE VAST Challenge 2014

VAST 2014 ChallengeCTTSO is co-sponsoring the 2014 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge. This year’s competition asks participants to use innovative visual analytics approaches to examine realistic but synthetic text, transaction, network, geospatial, temporal, and streaming data to solve an international missing persons drama unfolding on the fictitious island of Kronos. The Challenge is open to participation by individuals and teams in industry, government, and academia. See for details.