EOD HME KitFocus Area: Detection, Diagnostics, and Analysis

Description: The CTTSO has developed a kit and associated training for the identification of homemade explosives (HME) and precursor materials. The kit includes best-of-breed Colorimetric, Raman, and Fourier Transferred Infrared (FTIR) handheld systems to optimize identification capabilities.

Project Cost: $8.266M

Project Duration: 48 months

Operational Impact: JSEOD and SOF operators can safely identify IED materials encountered during missions. The EOD HME kit provides a set of tools to assist in determining follow-on courses of action during sensitive site exploitation and IED defeat scenarios by identifying sensitive primary explosives such as HMEs, as well as precursor materials.

Deliverable: 19 Phase I kits and training provided to various EOD units in 2009. Twelve Phase II kits provided to various units in 2010-11, including two kits for NSW in Yemen. Two Phase II kits were provided to USASFC(A) for evaluation in 2012: 1SFG was trained in May 2012, 7SFG was trained in July 2012.


End Users: Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal and United States Special Operations Command

Transition: Transitioning to PMS-EOD under the WMD kit. Category I Approval for EOD Use (AEODU) obtained in 2011 for all three systems in Gen II kit