Concealed Device Disruption


Focus Area: Access and Disablement

Description: The CTTSO has developed, characterized, tested, and evaluated a pair of energetic tools that can be tailored or modified in a deployed environment to serve a variety of needs for EOD operators. The tools can provide quick access to suspected threat items or areas to include buried threats, culvert emplaced charges, and other concealed areas.

Project Cost: $0.964M

Project Duration: 20 months

Operational Impact: Provides a lightweight, easily assembled, water-filled shaped charge for unearthing IEDs

Deliverable: 4,900 Stingrays and 1,900 Closers

Performers: Sandia National Laboratories and Team Technologies, Inc. and Los Alamos National Laboratories and Rocksmith Precision Machining

End Users: Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Transition: Commercially available